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“This Could Be Your #1 Secret Weapon To Skyrocket Your Own Sales + Profits…”

When it comes the copywriting services I can offer you, my #1 PRIORITY is creating powerful marketing messages (sales letters, video scripts, promo emails, etc.) for your product or business that will eventually put more profits into your bank account.

It’s really that simple. Words converted into sales. That’s what copywriting is.

I currently only take on a handful of copywriting projects each month. I do this to keep quality as high as possible for all my clients.

Because I only deliver very high quality and typically get great results for those I write for, the demand for my copywriting is on the rise. I ask higher rates than most copywriters because I take my time to do great work in order to get profitable results for those who I choose to work with.

And results are priceless.

I’m only interested in working with clients who are serious about investing in high quality copywriting, not bargain hunters.

Without good copy, you don’t make sales.

If you want cheap copy, that’s exactly what you will get.

I don’t do cheap (and poorly written) sales copy.

Sure, there are millions of copywriters out there who like to follow formulas, or go with the crowd. But very few of them don’t have a clue how marketing actually works. They’ve never sold one thing for themselves online (or even offline for that matter).

I have.

I’ve walked the walk. I’ve failed. I’ve learned. I’ve earned.

That’s what sets me apart from the “average” copywriter.

When it comes to a simple winning formula for success in copywriting, I like to keep things simple…

I like to call it my “3 P’s” of copywriting success…


Laser targeted focus and precision is key to conversions and sales. Targeting the RIGHT people with your product or service with the RIGHT message gives superior results. When I write copy for a client, I always make sure that I’m locking in on that particular market or niche. This includes focusing on the way that niche market thinks, the way they buy, plus much more. By doing this, I can create more compelling copy that speaks directly to them and their needs.


Almost 70% of the websites online lack personality. Or to take that even further, they are lacking a PERSONAL CONNECTION with their readers. When you don’t connect, you never have the opportunity to build trust. And when you lack trust, you won’t make sales or conversions. It really is that simple. I make sure that in all my writing, I make that vital personal connection.


This is the component that really separates the “small fish” copywriters from the big boys. To be a great copywriter, you have to know the right flow and power of psychology behind the words you create. This is something that’s carefully learned…and many copywriters simply lack this skill. I’ve personally studied not only some of the greatest copywriters to ever walk this planet, but I’ve also dived deep into the psychology of WHY people buy and also the TRIGGERS that are involved. I implement this knowledge and skill into just about every piece of copy I create.

The Services I Will Provide For You


MY EXPERTISE: Online Sales Letters and Email Follow-Up Sequences

The classic sales letter is what I enjoy writing the most. They will never die. They work like clockwork when done well, and they can give results that last. I can write long form or short form sales letters, as well as follow-up emails to further promote your product or service.


  • Video Sales Letter Scripts
  • Solo Email Ads/Promo Emails/Email Autoresponder Sequences
  • In-Depth Copywriting Critiques

GOT SOMETHING UNIQUE? Of course, if you have something a bit different that you’re needing to get completed, feel free to contact me and I ‘ll see if I can do it for you.

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