Why You Need An Online Newsletter

Do you know what most people check first thing in the morning, and throughout the day online?

Is it Facebook?

Is it Instagram or Twitter?


Although people may check these types of social media platforms on a regular basis, there’s one thing they almost always check on a daily basis (multiple times a day in fact)…and that’s their EMAIL.

By now if you’ve spent any time researching online marketing and creating an online business, you’ve probably heard the phrase “The Money Is In The List”…meaning the money is in (the relationship) with your email list of subscribers.

But the question is, are you building an email list?

And if you are, are you staying in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis?

Many people who build email lists online are doing it all wrong…

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The Tiny Win

“Tiny Wins” are something you can use in your own business and life every single day.

They are small achievements that create positive and productive momentum…with little effort.

I know I try and achieve my own Tiny Wins early in my day to help create the right forward momentum in what I’m doing and to set the foundation of accomplishment right away.

Here are a few ways to make Tiny Wins work for you and your life (and business!)…

  • First thing in the morning, pick the smallest thing can accomplish that will help improve your business, or even your life. It could be sending out a small email to your list, or doing 10 minutes of meditation (meditation is great by the way, you should try it if you haven’t already!)
  • Are you wanting to finally create your first ebook to sell on Amazon? Start “Tiny”. Break down your book into 7 main sections and write them down. Congrats, you just accomplished a Tiny Win.
  • Do you want to get more fit and trim? Add 10 quick push-ups between work sessions, or right after you check the mail. Do this a few times a day and over the course of a month you’ll have done hundreds of push-ups and your body will reflect it.
  • In business, the best way you can pave the road for success for yourself is to FIRST help others create Tiny Wins for themselves. If you blog, teach them something small they can do to make an impact in their life or business. If you make videos, demonstrate how you use a certain product or tool to improve your own life or business, and show them how to do the same. Keep it short and to the point.

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The Anatomy of a $100,000 Per Year Online Business

Today I want to cover something that many people online want to achieve, but very few ever do.

For many people, the dream of making $100,000 per year online with their own business seems like just a pipe dream. It seems far out of reach.

They think they can’t do it, or they start their journey but soon give up.

I’ll be honest, when I started diving into Internet Marketing back in 2004, I was only hoping to make a few extra bucks per month to help pay off my credit card debt.

Making $100,000 per year wasn’t even on my radar.

But sure enough, a few years later, I was easily making that amount (plus more)…and my life changed forever.

When I look back at myself at that time, there were several factors that led to my ultimate success. These factors were…

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Money = Time

Right now you’re probably working hard at your online business or you’re still trying to figure out what you should do.

As you create and build amazing things to sell online in the way of courses, digital guides, 1-on-1 services, or even physical products…one thing is for certain…

Your #1 objective is to make profits. Nothing more.

Sure, there may be other aspects you enjoy about it all, including being able to help people or even the creative process itself, but bottomline you want to make money.

For the past 13+ years I’ve sold over 7-figures online selling all kinds of stuff on my own through services, ghostwritten guides, and more.

I’ve had years where I pulled in over 6 figures per year, and others where I pulled in a fraction of that.

That’s the cycle one has to deal with when being an online entrepreneur. The playing field changes fast. It just comes with the territory.

Now as I look back on the concept of money, I’ve realized that money is more than just currency.

It’s time.

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The Simple 3-Letter Word That’ll Skyrocket Your Profits

No matter if you’re a freelancer online, an Internet marketer, or you run an offline business, there’s one thing that is true…

You want to generate more sales and profits.

When it comes to creating and running a successful business, it really comes down to these 3 basic fundamentals…

  1. Offering a product or service that people want or need.
  2. Putting the product or service in front of them.
  3. Selling it to them.

When you’re able to correctly implement all 3 fundamentals above, you’ll have success. In most cases, figuring out what people want or need, and getting it in front of them isn’t the problem.

The real problem comes when you have to SELL it to them.

If you do this online, this is where the power of effective copywriting can make or break you.

This can be with your own sales letter, sales video or in your email marketing.

If you do this offline, this is where the power of effective one-one-one salesmanship can make or break you. It can come down to the way you build connection and trust with the prospect.

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My Daily “ABC Habit” For Online Success

Being an online entrepreneur takes a lot of damn hard work…

I remember over a decade ago when I first started out trying to make a few bucks online.

First it was buying and flipping domain names.

Then it was setting up my first website and doing domain name appraisals (with a piece of software).

I even sold quick little ebooks on all types of subjects: pets, hobbies, toddlers, etc.

All of these things never lasted, and I never really felt good about them anyway. They didn’t feel like a REAL businesses. They were short little projects that fizzled out rather quickly.

But one thing was for certain…

Behind all my hard work and effort was the ability to plow through my own personal fears, absorbing failures, and most of all…never ceasing the actual art of creating things and testing them out. Even if they failed.

Eventually, I stumbled upon something about a year later that would yield a solid 6-figure per year income business for me that lasted for a solid 5 years in a row. I became my own boss, and I was forever changed.

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